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by on December 19, 2009      

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If you’ve been paying attention the last few weeks, then surely you’ve noticed the big changes we’ve made! I searched relentlessly for a web development environment that would help me realize the goal of bringing you riveting new knowledge, discoveries, celebration, and dynamic communication. After 18 months of due diligence and carefully investigating many options, we finally chose to launch the new site using WordPress and the Thesis theme.

I have been a frustrated web communicator for years, unable to produce and add content to my own websites. I depended on webmasters who were not web 2.0-savvy and wanted me to learn applications that were designed for programmers. Does this sound familiar?

If so, we highly suggest reevaluating your software and asking yourself what it’s done for you lately. If you are thinking about switching to a blogging infrastructure for your website to simplify content creation and gain web 2.0 interactivity, go for it! You’ll be glad that you did.

This broadcasting blog launched on December 7th. We went from a static Dreamweaver site to a WordPress-driven site using the Thesis theme. WordPress was the right choice for many reasons. Their professionalism, level of commitment, robust blogging environment, interactivity, and speed at which they operate are admirable. We love it that WordPress empowers the average person to quickly set up a blog and begin communicating, and appreciate the extent to which the WordPress engine facilitates the success of its users. They have projected an attitude of humility and respect towards end users rather than being arrogant about their product. WordPress was recommended with unparalleled enthusiasm by the sources I engaged in my search for a content management system.

Once my mind was made up about WordPress, I was faced with the difficult task of selecting a theme. Although a wide variety of WordPress themes are available, most of them lack professional support and are not updated concurrently with new versions of WordPress. We want to thank Chris Pearson at DIYThemes for developing Thesis and for his dedication to providing a great theme to WordPress users. The lifetime support and continuous updates truly raise the bar for theme developers.

A true revolution in design customization, Thesis makes it easy for people who are not coding experts (that would be me, folks!) to create the blog of their dreams. Even if you have significant web design experience, Thesis allows the webmaster to better use their time. (It goes without saying that Andy, our site administrator, really loves Thesis!)

If you’re as impressed with Thesis as we are and elect to buy it (it is very inexpensive), we would appreciate it if you would use one of the Thesis links in this post or at the bottom of our site. As a Thesis affiliate, we get financial credit for new signups through these links (and so can you!). Although our focus is not to sell it full-time, it provides another revenue stream while we continue to expand our efforts online.

Speaking of expanding our efforts – we want to hear from you! Do you have any ideas or suggestions about…

  1. What would make this site better?
  2. Potential broadcast subjects, guests, and interviews?
  3. Organically expanding our audience and readership?

Let us know your thoughts about this site and what can do to improve it. We have received several requests for an It’s Rainmaking Time!™ podcast and are preparing to roll it out in the first quarter of 2010. Please stay tuned, invite others to link to us, and share the site or special segments with others. We appreciate your support and confidence, and look forward to your feedback!

Some of you may want in-depth website consultations to determine appropriate web solutions and to better understand how they might work for you. My company is now offering a new service that will help people define their goals and objectives and identify the most effective tools for achieving them. Whole-systems marketing and strategic communications consultations have always been available, but now web consulting is being integrated into the communication mix! If demand permits, we may even provide online training for individuals or small groups who want to get into WordPress and Thesis.

Much of the available web design information is confusing and misrepresented as easy by programmers and webmasters. This makes it difficult for people who are unfamiliar with coding or web administration to proceed with online ventures. With better guidance, many people could launch once-impossible business opportunities and new income streams ASAP.

We hope that this article helps you. Thank you so much for visiting us!

Happy Holidays from It’s Rainmaking Time!™