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Robert Rockaway – But He Was Good To His Mother

August 10, 2011

Join us with Robert Rockaway, the author of But He Was Good To His Mother, as he shares the real world accounts of the Jewish Mafia and how it began in America.

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Cal Orey – Meet an Earthquake Sensitive

March 18, 2011

Earthquake sensitive and author Cal Orey offers her perspectives on earthquake epicenters, the radiation scenario, and Japan’s dilemma.

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Lyn Buchanan – Solving the Crisis in Japan

March 16, 2011

Lyn Buchanan explains how controlled remote viewing can help Japan in this time of crisis. If you feel called to help, please contact us at (626) 398-8652.

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Kyoko Tanaka – Growing Concerns Inside Japan

March 16, 2011

Save Japan Dolphins team member Kyoko Tanaka gives us an insider’s look at the state of Japan following the chain of disasters that has befallen the island nation.

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Stanton Friedman – The Science and History of UFOs

February 9, 2011

Nuclear physicist and author Stanton Friedman joins us to discuss the science and history of UFOs and his extensive contributions.

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Michael Baigent – Inside The Jesus Papers

December 28, 2010

Michael Baigent (author of The Jesus Papers) lays out the evidence for the hypothesis that Jesus survived the crucifixion.

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James Norwood Pratt – The American Tea Renaissance

December 21, 2010

James Norwood Pratt, author of the New Tea Lover’s Treasury and “the Renaissance man of the tea industry”, tells the history of tea.

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Michael Cremo – The Forbidden Archaeologist

November 29, 2010

Michael Cremo, the author of The Forbidden Archaeologist, discusses the case for extreme human antiquity and problems with the theory of evolution.

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Joseph Lumpkin – The Qumran Scrolls

November 7, 2010

Joseph Lumpkin discusses The Dead Sea Jesus by Dr. Fernando Klein. Explore the Qumran Scrolls and the roots of Christendom.

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Gavin Menzies – Who Really Ignited The Renaissance?

August 10, 2010

Author Gavin Menzies returns to discuss his book 1434 and touch on the history of Atlantis.

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