Wrapping Up 2009

by on December 30, 2009      

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Thank you all for taking time out of your busy lives to tune in to this show. I really appreciate your visiting, reading, listening, commenting and helping get the word out for the last 3 weeks. We went live on December 7th with our first broadcasting blog.

Thank you to Cathy for your superb graphics and beautiful art work that you do. I am honored to work with you and have such peace and excitement about your multifaceted artistry which manifests in so many different mediums. You did an awesome job!

I want to thank Andy for his masterful and magical work developing the blog, learning Thesis and WordPress as fast as lightning, taking on the sound engineering and facilitating a huge transition with this work and my life. What you did was a major feat!

I want to thank Kristen for inspiring my return to broadcasting after being away from it for 5 years.  Your angelic support has allowed me to let go and do what I am called to do. The show properly launched online after being turned down by broadcast stations throughout America for 5 years. Thank you for reminding me to just do it and return to one of my great gifts.

I want to thank others of you (who may not be mentioned) that have been a positive influence in my life, generating an uplifting spirit no matter what challenges arise. Thank you for your support and confidence.

Thank you to those people who have contributed financially. At a time when people are contracting due to economic fears, it matters to us that you contribute freely. We would like to bring this show into the video realm, and look forward to that happening some time in 2010.

Thank you to Eddie for the on-call startup support to get this thing off the ground.

Thank you to Dr. Linda Iberg and her Feline Angelic Team at Whiskers & Tails for the miracle you delivered. Thank you for running the best and most profoundly different Veterinary practice I have ever seen in my life, bar none! Simba was just hours away from death and no matter what, the way you practice medicine for cats, your bedside manner, the way you give the care – coupled with your angelic team – gave me profound faith and confidence at a most unexpected and delicate event of my life with my favorite feline star, Simba. Thank you so much!

2009 is A Successful Wrap, everyone. See you in 2010. Get ready. It’s Rainmaking Time!

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