Wrapping up 2016-Reflections

by on December 31, 2016      

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As 2016 wraps up and moves into 2017 around the world, Kim reflects the recent and unexpected passing of celebrities like Carrie Fischer and her mother Debbie Reynolds, David Bowie, Prince and George Michael and talks about the importance of knowing the unique times we’re living in and why we must take a deeper look into making different kinds of preparations for the new year.

This is a short talk for those people who wish to have 2016 wrapped up in a contextualized whole and experience a contemplative send off into the new year.
It’s meant to be delivered via voice, so this write up will be very short.

Happy New Year to all of It’s Rainmaking Time! listeners all over the world. Thank you for being there. Many surprises to come in 2017.

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1 Michael H February 13, 2017 at 10:34 am

I think the shock comes from the fact that these people had the loot to spend on good health. If they can’t live long lives, what about the rest of us?
Of course, some lead unhealthy life-styles, use drugs and suffer other bad life styles, but others still die yet have followed the same food guidelines touted by governments.
We must all do our own studies, learn how our ancestors lived and ate more natural diets. Sure, many died in berthing and from ravages of poverty, inadequate foods, old diseases we have now conquered; but many lived much longer, healthier and cancer free. It certainly has not been better foods that have seemingly raised living standards; that progress was made by a handful of new drugs, better birthing practices and basic cleanliness since the forties. Now longevity seems to be taking a down turn.
Something is wrong with our foods and life styles, especially since advertising became such a mind-controlling experience through modern media. (I believe you have mentioned Freud’s nephew and his manipulation of media.) That is where our studies should go; the problems of propaganda and indoctrination, and wrong ideas. I do hope Kim, you will continue to pursue these interesting paths to keep yourself and us healthy and aware.
Kim, such people as Brian Peskin, whom you have interviewed, bringing him to my attention, are invaluable in our search for health and proper knowledge. I’d like you to interview Joel D. Wallach, for example. Is he on to something or is it just a money grab? I read on line, but can not find the study now, that Chickens raised in natural sunlight, and two generations of the protege, were raised on a good diet, totally lacking in Calcium; under full sun light, were healthy, with strong bones. Where did the calcium for strong bones come from. I am sure they were not fed borax/boron which is crucial to strong bones; I can no longer find the article; my search may be wrong, maybe the article has been removed.
Speaking of strong bones, Kim, I would like to bring to your attention the old laundry water ionizer, Borax. It is not just a minor mineral for health, it is not a soap, it is less than half as dangerous in large amounts as salt (3/4? cup salt kills); yet Borax is being touted by governments as dangerous; and being banned from sales in Europe and other parts of the world. Having been taking it for years, when a dentist looked at my X-ray for a root canal was so amazed by my “Extremely Strong Teeth!” he kept repeating the idea over and over in the preliminary interview.) And when question next visit if he meant for my age (I was 64 as the song goes) he retorted vehemently, “No! For any age!” Where else could an old man with a crippled leg since his early thirties have found strong bones? Walter Last, a German, Australian naturopath would make for a very enlightening interview. His article, “The Borax Conspiracy” can be found all over the internet; being reproduced on many health sites. More studies and information on the importance of this ‘minor’ mineral have been coming out in just the past year.
Your curiosity and interviews into topics not questioned by main stream (and even some guests with strange ideas) have been enlightening; and raised interesting prospects. You do go “Where no man has gone before!” as the old Star Trek series would inform us on each episode.
Welcome back, Kim. You have been sorely missed. It is people like you, with true hearts, that further the hidden or ignored knowledge our trouble species desperately needs.
Namaste and care,


2 Michael H February 13, 2017 at 11:04 am

Kim, should also add another anecdote on Borax; hold on to your sox; this might blow them off.
Thirteen months after that root canal of January 2015, the pain to that dead tooth came back, severely. Being cheap, and mad that I’d have to pay a dentist another $700 for the botched work, I took a teaspoon of the Borax. In less than 10 minutes, the pain was reduced by about 80%. Then, four hours later, the time it takes Borax to leave the system via the bladder, the pain suddenly returned. I took another teaspoon full of Borax, and continued this routine every time the pain returned. I was taking at least four teaspoons during the day and one before bed, five in total. It took about a week or so before there was no pain until the four hours were up.
I did this for three months through February, 2016 to May, day after day. Then I went off it for a week. There was no more pain; but I then finished the rest of May on my routine; almost 4 months total.
It has been over eight months without pain. I wonder what would have happened if I had not had the root canal, used the Borax instead? Was the tooth completely dead at the time of the dental work? Or was there a possibility that it could have been saved with Borax? Or would it be dead but cleansed of bacteria, the body now able to keep the dead root from infection by calcifying it? I am not wishing another bad tooth on myself, but if another ever occurs, I’m going to try the Borax cure before heading to another tooth quack. (No, I’ll get it inspected and certified, and then not return until I want it re-inspected and know the measurable results of my health practice.)
I suspect the properties have been known about the health properties of Borax. And I bet the dental consortium would have a lot of pan-handling dentist on street corners were this miracle mineral to come to common knowledge. I accost young parents all the time, telling them of Walter Last’s work and how they and their babies can have ‘Extremely strong bones!’ and teeth with Borax; due to Walter Last’s amazing study. I also suspect over time, Borax will strengthen adult teeth. That dentist I mentioned, does not ‘think’ this is possible. “Think” is not a word in the realm of science.
Namaste and care,


3 Kim Greenhouse February 16, 2017 at 6:44 pm

Thank you so much Mhiki. It’s a pleasure to be Captain of a Starship. I appreciate your kind comments and thank you for welcoming me back. The show needs volunteers now more than ever. If you know people who can help, please usher them to timing@rainmaking.com or have them call (626) 398-8652. Much appreciation.



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